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    The International Association of Certified Compliance Specialist (IACCS) is an organization representing individuals that are responsible for overseeing and managing compliance efforts within an organization or for those who wish to pursue a career in the Compliance field. The role and responsibilities have emerged over the past decade in response for a more accountable, transparent and ethical business culture. It is our hope that through the IACCS, we will provide our members with the necessary authority and tools universal to all those holding or aspiring to hold such positions. www.iaccs.com

    Trans World Compliance Inc., (“TWC”) provides software solutions to simplify the compliance and regulatory requirements for US, Foreign Financial Institutions, tax regulatory bodies and governments.  TWC saves time, lowers overheads and improves accuracy for compliance with international regulatory tax regulations and mandates by centralizing data, raising flags, tracking remediation, automated reporting, and providing an independent 3rd party audit of policies and procedures.  TWC’s flagship product, CRS/FATCA One™ was created for the purpose of CRS and FATCA regulatory reporting, designed by international compliance and IT experts, adheres to a full range of international standards, and supports multiple rule-bases with specifics for different jurisdictions and reporting year.
    SILO Compliance System is an easy to use and affordable client/customer due diligence management system.  SILO is used by corporate services and trust providers, asset managers, credit unions, insurance companies and other regulated businesses across the region.  Features include risk scoring, automatic name screening at onboarding and ongoing screening based on risk rating, dashboards for expired documents and outstanding due diligence notifications and connections of directors/shareholders and beneficial owners.  With strong user support, continuous development to meet constantly changing regulations and requirements, adding new technologies as they mature, and excellent user testimonials, SILO can be your solution to meeting your compliance obligations.Visit www.silocompliance.com to request a demo.
    KYC Global Technologies develops and delivers highly innovative RegTech AML data and software solutions specifically targeted at the management of financial crime risk and the enhancement of risk governance performance. The design specification of the technologies are influenced by KYC360 a collaborative membership of over 30,000 AML professionals. Over 700 businesses, regulators and law enforcement agencies across the world use our technologies to combat financial crime.






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