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    2019 SPEAKERS


    Antonio Nicaso is an internationally recognized expert and bestselling author of more than 30 books on global crime. Nicaso is a regular consultant to governments and law-enforcement agencies around the world. He teaches Social History of Organized Crime and Mafia in Popular Culture at Queen’s University and also teaches postgraduate courses at Middlebury College, Vermont.   Click here for full bio
    Declan Hill is an investigative journalist, documentary creator and academic. He specializes in the study of organized crime and international issues. He was the first journalist to break the story of Asian match-fixing gangs linked to the multi-billion-dollar gambling markets destroying international football in his book The Fix: Soccer & Organized Crime. It has now become a best-seller in 21 languages.               Click here for full bio

    David Haas, a federal and state defense attorney founded Haas Law, PLLC where he represents clients in federal courts around the country and Florida. He is a former state and federal prosecutor who has extensive jury trial experience, including handling more than 65 jury trials.   Click here for full bio


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    Dan Eckhart is a criminal defense attorney who handles cases throughout the United States. Dan is a former federal prosecutor and special agent with extensive criminal, civil, asset forfeiture, and compliance experience. Dan is also the owner of Global Asset Allies, which is dedicated to helping victims of domestic and foreign fraud maximize their recovery by collaborating with federal prosecutors and law enforcement.   Click here for full bio


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    JR Helmig has spent his 25+ year career solving big data challenges for the world’s largest companies, as well as for the US departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Treasury, and the intelligence community.  His cross-industry role is to develop and execute SAS’ global security and intelligence strategy at the convergence of Public and Private sectors and technology ecosystems.  Click here for full bio


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    Tom Devlin is Senior Regulatory Adviser at RiskScreen and a partner at Stephen Platt & Associates LLP, a firm specialising in regulatory investigations and remediation work. Tom is renowned for his expertise in AML/CFT, governance risk and compliance, corruption and Regtech.   Click here for full bio     

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    Dwayne King is a member of  Grant Thornton’s Forensics team and is in involved in Anti-Money Laundering, Investigative Research, Investigations and the Litigation practice. Dwayne has also provided support for Grant Thornton’s whistleblower program (CARE).  Prior to joining Grant Thornton Dwayne managed a team of 26 investigators as part of the Global Anti-Money Laundering Department for TD Bank.  Click here for full bio



    Charmaine Gandhi-Andrews is the Chief Immigration Officer for Trinidad & Tobago. Charmaine Gandhi-Andrews is a career public servant. She joined the Trinidad and Tobago Public Service in 1984 and became an Immigration Officer at the Ministry of National Security in 1989. She rose through the ranks of the Immigration Division and in 2015 was appointed to lead the Division as the Chief Immigration Officer; she is the first female to be appointed to this position in Trinidad and Tobago. 

    Click here for full bio

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    John Gorman is a senior law enforcement executive with a state police agency in the United States where he oversees the agency’s cyber investigative and response strategy. From 2015 – 2016 he served a six-month fellowship with the FBI. 

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    Elisabeth Lees was called to the Bar of England and Wales as a barrister, practicing at 23 Essex Street, came to the Cayman Islands as Crown Counsel in 2006 on a short-term contract of three months and has remained ever since. In 2012 was promoted to Senior Crown Counsel (international cooperation) with responsibility for incoming and outgoing International Requests for Assistance. In 2016 she was dedicated to CFATF work and international requests and in 2018 appointed as legal assessor on the Fourth Round MER of Bermuda. At the end of March 2019 she was appointed National Coordinator for the Anti-Money Laundering Steering Group (AMLSG).

    Click here for full bio

    Dina leads new business development in Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean for CipherTrace, a leading blockchain forensics and security firm based in Silicon Valley.

    She works with federal-level government, law enforcement officials, financial institutions and regulators to implement technologies that enable transparency and compliance within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, preventing fraud, money laundering and other crimes.

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