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    SPEAKERS- Norman Groot

    Bio – Norman Groot

    Based on his police experience and his experience thereafter as a litigator, Norman has joined forces with other lawyers with police experience and created the fraud recovery law firm Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation.

    Norman’s practice is focused on fraud recovery litigation for retailers, insurers, financial institutions, private companies and individuals who have incurred losses to rogue employees, officers or directors, or due to failed investments or contractual arrangements. Norman coordinates civil fraud recovery with police and regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

    Norman also provides Independent Supervising Solicitor (ISS) services for other law firms that obtain Anton Piller orders (civil search warrants). Norman practice also consists of representing police and private sector investigators in criminal, civil, and regulatory actions.

    Professional and Business Affiliations

    Canadian Bar Association, Bar Association of Ontario

    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

    Association of Certified Forensic Investigators (Director)

    Council of International Investigators

    Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units

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