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    SPEAKERS- Ken Gamble

    Ken Gamble

    Ken Gamble is a professional cybercrime investigator and surveillance specialist with 30 years’ experience in the private sector. Ken is the co-founder and current executive chairman of IFW Global, (“IFW”), an international cybercrime intelligence firm based in Sydney, Australia with several international offices. IFW provides intelligence and investigative support in matters such as serious investment fraud, anti-bribery, anti-piracy and international asset recovery for private and government clients.

    Ken has exposed numerous large scale frauds in Australia and internationally during his career. He made headlines after causing the dramatic capture and arrest of Interpol fugitive and serial Australian fraudster, Peter Clarence Foster, in late 2014. Ken and his team recovered $10 million from Mr. Foster and again caused his arrest and imprisonment by NSW Police in February 2017, this time for masterminding a $29 million Sports Trading fraud from his Byron Bay property.

    Ken has been a cybercrime consultant to the Philippine National Police, Anti-Cybercrime Group (“PNP-ACG”), since its inception in 2013. He has received three (3) law enforcement awards from the PNP-ACG since 2015, for his outstanding contribution to the PNP’s mission to create a safer cyber environment.

    Ken is the current Australian Chairman of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (IACP), a non-profit Association founded in Paris in 2006 and represented in 20 countries around the world.

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